Front End Developer
Since 2017 I have immersed myself into the crypto world. I have competed in multiple hackathons and was a prize-winner at BlockchainHack 2017, LAToken 2017, IcoLab 2017, ETHWaterloo 2017 and ETHWaterloo 2019. More recently I have become more interested specifically in DeFi applications, and applying my skills to this sector.
I have extensive experience as a team leader. I am a motivational leader who can build a strong positive culture, team spirit and ethics. I can identify strengths and weaknesses and use this to get the best out of people. My teammates have always achieved high results, their success is the best reward for me!
I like mentoring people and sharing my knowledge. I have mentored two streams of students in HtmlAcademy and I am now participating in GetMentor.
A web designer by education and frontend developer by profession, I have gained further skills and experience by working with many different types of people and developers. I consider my design vision to be a great advantage, and this allows me to bring the result of my and my team's professional activity to a higher level.
5 / 5
5 / 5
React, Preact
5 / 5
Redux, Apollo
5 / 5
4 / 5
Webpack, Babel
5 / 5
E2E (Cypress, Puppeteer, Playwright)
4 / 5
Unit (Jest)
4 / 5
Vue, Svelte
Snowpack, Rollup
Styled Components
Web3, Ethers
Wallet connecting
MetaMask API
Truffle, Hardhat
WebStorm, VSCode
Sketch, Figma
GitHub, GitLab
Storybook, Cosmos
AWS (lambda, workers, S3)
GTM, Snowplow, Mixpanel
Jun 2021 — present
Nov 2016 — Jul 2021
Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using React, TypeScript, Webpack, Babel, Rest / GraphQL Apollo.
Actively participated in the analysis of the initial problems and goals, conducted research and determined the requirements for solutions.
Covered code with Unit tests with Jest (testing-library) and E2E tests with Playwright.
Implemented and was engaged in support of WCAG 2.1.
Experienced in developing of Babel plugins.
Became a webpack setup wizard. Did big research in chunks splitting to improve assets loading experience.
Setup Docusaurus to write docs. Create high-quality technical design documentation considering the product requirements.
Built an established work process in the frontend team: the rotation of the team in tracking Sentry issues and fixing bugs, PRs review and deployment process.
Engaged in people development. Followed team annual performance review, set goals for the year. Mentored and helped the team to create deliverables in good quality.
Kept in close contact with the team. Participated in architectural problems and found solutions together.
Created a number of tools to simplify the work of different teams: e.g. Jira, Sentry and Slack integrations to be notified about new issues; simplify code review process; deployment reports; etc.
Feb 2016 — Nov 2016
Developed site (, user and admin panels with React, Redux, Webpack
Implemented multilanguage via react-intl module. Wrote Babel plugin for generating IDs for messages dynamically
Developed module (redaction) to simplify work with Redux
Worked at creation of SmartTV, Tizen application via Cordova
Feb 2015 — Dec 2015
Was CTO of all client side parts. Communicated with users, community­development leads and the team. Made decisions for the development of usability
Designed and developed desktop version of site ( Created mobile version / application using Ionic Framework
Implemented multilanguage, E2E testing. Created awesome project structure with high speed building gulp process
Sep 2014 — Oct 2015
Designed and developed highly loaded warehouse management system
Very complex project built on interdependent directives, services
Created my own nGrid library (10% AngularJS + 90% ES6)
Implemented E2E testing (protractor)
May 2014 — Sep 2014
Designed and developed Chrome extension for LinkedIn
Made some APIs in Django
Dec 2013 — May 2014
Developed highly loaded projects for government agencies
Implemented E2E testing (protractor)
Work on the project includes technologies such as: AngularJS, NodeJS, livescript, Jade
Jul 2013 ­— Dec 2013 Group / Games
Created client side of new company website ­
Organizated structuring patterns, styles and scripts, perl­templating (Template Toolkit)
Used stack of technologies (BEM + SASS, jQuery, Ajax)
Oct 2012 — Jul 2013 Group / Search Engine
Joined project in time team was planning to refactor full stack of site
Refactored client side. Reworked css to SCSS + BEM. Cleaned JS and created modules
Developed versions for all platforms
Added cross­browser compatibility (including IE6)
Implemented BEM, SASS, worked with template engines ct++, Jinja, SVN, BEM
Sep 2011 — Oct 2012
Jul 2010 — Sep 2011
2008 — 2010
UniversityHSE - Web design, 2009 - 2014
LanguagesEnglish B1, Russian